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The Food Pornographers Guide: A Manifesto

Summer Tomato Slice

Summer Tomato Slice


Manifesto is defined as a public declaration of principles and intentions

Food porn as defined by yours truly is the visual presentation and glamorization of food, meant to arouse an almost sensual experience upon tasting.  The production of Food Porn is one the most pleasurable hedonistic delights, one in which I have been known to indulge from time to time.

I have both principles and intentions, though I must admit that my principles are flawed and my intentions nefarious. I have no intention of offering apologies. I will state them plainly as in the following text. This is done so that months from now after your jeans no longer fit and you’re wearing only loose clothing you’ll have only yourself to blame, because I told you at the beginning that my very nature is a sinfully wicked hedonism.

The Food Pornographers Guide Manifesto: Principles

1. The Name: The Food Pornographers Guide is a less than vague homage to one of my favorite books: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Much like the Hitchhikers Guide, the scope of my blog will discuss not only my passion for amazing food, but also travel, cooking, fashion, etc. Basically I’ll be discussing whatever comes to mind, while flooding your ocular senses with images of amazing food.

2. The Food: I believe in good food. I believe that every meal is an opportunity for a new experience whether it is something you prepare yourself or something you eat out. Life is too short to eat bad food. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a proponent of Paula Dean’s method of cooking. Healthy food is not synonymous with bad food. So while I don’t plan to miss a wonderful experience worrying about the consequences, you’ll see a fair number of foods and recipes prepared by yours truly that I categorize as “healthy”.

3. The Experience: Where you go, what you do, who you do it with, and the atmosphere you do it in: these variables all combine to make an experience. The primordial essence of this blog is food; beautiful food captured in all of its different forms. But the experience is important as well. As such I will describe the experiences that I have and the places that I go in the most amusing and dramatic fashion possible.

4. The Art: We all of us have a bit of the Da Vinci in us: paintings, photographs, inventions, books, poems, and other creative endeavors that are just waiting to get out. As such a portion of my blog will be devoted to my own creative endeavors. My personal Theory is that art should be experienced with as many senses as possible. As such I’ve created a series of paintings that can be touched so as that they can be felt as well as seen, so enjoy. And of course there are pictures of food: both food that I have made and food that has been prepared for me.

The Food Pornographers Guide Manifesto: Intentions

My intentions are somewhat simplistic. I intend to inundate the senses. I intend to indulge my desires. I intend to have the best times with the best people. I intend to eat well and encourage others to do the same.  And I intend to share my good times, my stories, my recipes, and of course my extensive collection of inappropriate pictures of food with all of you. I hope you enjoy.


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