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Foodie Shoutout: Boundary Road

So I’m going to say upfront that I’ve not eaten here. I’m planning to, but haven’t made it there yet. Boundary Road is the new DC hotspot and with good reason; the President ate here a few weeks ago. In the brief time that I was in Boundary Road I ascertained that they had perfected my personal restaurant trifecta: food, service, ambiance.  The ambiance is both comfortable and chic with retrofitted chandeliers, communal seating, and swaths of cloth brushing against the exposed brick.

My friends and I went in for a quick drink, while there I happened to strike up a conversation with a bubbly hostess named Jessica at the bar, she raved about their cocktails. While chatting with her about the amazingly unique menu including late night items such as hogs head ragu with polenta topped with a fried egg and a blood orange sparkling wine cocktail, I happened to mention my participation in the Cochon 555 event. At the time we were standing at the bar, where the new rockstar of the DC food scene, Chef Brad Walker,  happened to be hanging out.

I showed him some foodie pictures and related my  Cochon 555 experience. It was a foodie moment blessed by god, made all the better by the fact that he allowed us to sample some of the pork rinds that he had hand made. I’ll confess that he had a much classier Spanish name for them, but being from Mississippi this is the word that I am most comfortable spelling. They disappeared to quickly to take pictures, but the fact that he served them excitedly  with wedges of lime and hot sauce won Chef Walker an instant place in my heart. The quality of the food that I tasted and saw was amazing, but above all Chef Walker’s personality ensures that I will return to Boundary Road.  He is a genuinely open and  friendly chef, excited to talk about food in all of its wonderful fanciful complexity with his patrons. Chef Walker discussed upcoming changes and additions including the start of brunch and a market in the upstairs portion of the restaurant. I tried to be cool, but on the inside I was shaking with excitement. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting both Jessica the hostess and Chef Walker; and plan to make myself a permanent fixture Boundary Road.


3 thoughts on “Foodie Shoutout: Boundary Road

  1. Really enjoyed this post! Looks like someplace I’d love to be taken to eat dinner…eh hem…*cough, cough*…Just saying. And I’m giggling at the fancy pork rinds, lol!

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