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H & Pizza: A New Addition to the H Street Family

After a lot of talk H & Pizza has finally arrived on the scene. It was worth the wait. The joy in the air was palatable upon entering H & Pizza. It was as if people had been infused with happiness. I suffered the same feelings of euphoria upon entering the establishment. You’re almost programmed to be happy before entering the restaurant. The tantalizing smells of fresh dough are like the calls of sirens, drawing you in.  You’re literally helpless to resist. H & Pizza applies the Chipotle restaurant model to the pizza industry, and the result is nothing short of awe inspiring. H & Pizza has perfected the trifecta for successful restaurants: food, service, and ambiance.  If the message has not already been adequately conveyed; H & Pizza is a game changer of immeasurable proportions.

The Crowd at H & Pizza

We entered the modernly minimalistic environment: white washed walls, communal seating, red accents, and black and white pictures. Massive windows completed the look, bathing the interior with natural light. Patrons were either shaking with anticipation, frantically shoving food into their mouths, or purring in contentment. There was none of the frantic hustle and bustle seen by the servers, chefs, and managers at a new restaurant. H & Pizza operates like a well oiled machine that has been operating for years.

The menu at H & Pizza is based on fresh ingredients. Patrons are presented with recommended pizzas, but they are also offered the opportunity to display their creative side and create their own pizzas.  You can customize everything from the crust (they offer wheat, white, and whole grain) to the sauces. A number of different cheese options are available including provolone, feta, and goat cheese. H & pizza also distinguishes between those toppings that go on before the pizza is cooked and those that go on after the pizza is cooked. A plain pizza with sauce and cheese is $6.82.  I don’t recommend this option, because for $8.64 you get unlimited toppings. I know this because I tested the theory. Unlike some sneaky places that charge you ridiculous amounts of $$ for paltry servings, when the owners of H & Pizza say unlimited toppings, they mean it.

My brother went with the house recommendations: Maverick Pizza. The Maverick was topped with house-made mozzarella, classic tomato sauce, pepperoni, hot sausage, smoked bacon, Sopressatta, Parmesan Reggano, and oregano oil. It was absolutely delectable and a play on a classic meat lovers pizza.

My own pizza was a bit more complicated, but 100% worth it. I started with a base of whole-grain. The chefs were kind enough to allow me two sauces: I chose basil pesto and mushroom truffle. Hearing my choices the chefs nodded in appreciation. I added pickled onions, mushroom, broccolini, tomatoes, along with fresh mozzarella. Finished up with garlic oil and feta. At the end of the day my pizza was slightly oily, but then again I did order pesto and garlic oil on it. I mention this as a plug into the next statement: If you have bad food at H & Pizza this is the one time that it’s your fault. And of course this minor complaint in my own ordering, didn’t stop me from consuming that pizza in a manner that would have put a competitive eater to shame. The term foodgasm is the most accurate way to describe the way that I felt eating my pizza. Only the fact that there were other patrons, made my pleasure less audible, though I would have been in good company.

H & Pizza - My Creation

H & Pizza – My Creation

In terms of drinks, H & Pizza has again captured my heart. The offer beer, but sometimes it’s the little things that make you love something. One more nail in the coffin of my heart for H & Pizza is the fact that they serve all four flavors of San Pellegrino: Blood orange, orange, lemon, and my personal favorite Grapefruit.

It goes without saying that I will be back, I headed there now. I’m going to need a twelve step program to wean myself from my addiction. I’m not even ashamed, that I’m going back tomorrow. Nothing could keep me away. I weep for people who don’t have an H & Pizza in their town, and I can only hope that time will rectify this rift in the universe.

H&Pizza menu


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