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A Foodie Experience Touched by God: Gourmet Dumpling House – Boston

Gourmet Dumpling House


My best friend and I are foodies. We love food on a whole different level. We’re so in sync that we don’t need to consult each other when ordering. I trust her implicitly, especially given my need to order 50 different things off the menu so that I have the full ‘experience’. I’m suffering for my readers. So when she suggested that we go to the Gourmet Dumpling House, while I was visiting her in Boston, I was 100% behind her decision. My resolve wavered when she said that we were only ordering two things off the menu.

“Are you sure”, I asked pointing to the extensive menu of sumptuous dumplings that I felt I could eat a dozen of by myself.

She was very stern with her two item limitation, stating that this would be more than enough for two people and that I didn’t need that much variety in a meal. Net to us (and I mean right next to us) were two gentlemen who ordered fried rice, scallion pancakes, dumplings, and sauteed spinach.  I leaned over to by BFF and whispered about how epic their order was.

My friend was correct about the amount of food and the two dishes: Szechuan fish soup and soup dumplings. The bowl of soup that came out, was nothing short of amazing. The roasted red pepper floated on the top, a taunt to the daring, coating succulent slices of fish like Christmas lights.

Szechuan Fish Soup

Szechuan Fish Soup


Our second dish was soup dumplings. I had never had them before (GASP). It was like the second coming of Christ. I was inspired to get on my knees and shout to the heavens for blessing my taste-buds with such splendor. It was love at first bite. My companion kept telling me that I should try them in NYC. I didn’t think our experience could get much better but it did.

Soup Dumplings

Soup Dumplings


The gentlemen next to us struck up a conversation asking what we had ordered. It turns out that they traveled frequently to DC. We were foodie soul mates – they knew all of my favorite spots: Rays the Steaks, Thai Xing, Ray’s Hell burger, and Pho 75 (more on this spot later). To top it all off they offered to share their food with us and we shared with them in turn. It was a foodie experience touched by God: the communal sharing of food with strangers who were buddies by the end of the meal.  It was in my top 5 foodie experiences. I think I total bill was $36.00 including tip.

Gourmet Dumpling House 2



6 thoughts on “A Foodie Experience Touched by God: Gourmet Dumpling House – Boston

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  2. Had soup dumplings for the first — and only — time in San Francisco, at Yank Sing. We were in SF for only four days altogether, and went back to Yank Sing for you know what two more times! I feel your ecstasy!
    (I notice the date — an oldie but goodie.)

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