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Recreating Magic: My Take on Daily Catch’s Lobster Fra Diavolo


By now, everyone is well-informed about my unhealthy obsession with the Lobster Fra Diavolo at Boston’s Daily Catch. I won’t belabor the point, by professing my love yet again; but I am enamored.


I profess my love in a thousand different ways, but non so poignant as my attempt to recreate my favorite dish from this restaurant.  I got my chance when my buddies Lizzie and Nick invited me over for dinner.  We always get together to cook something special, and this time I suggested we try to make this dish.  Being the best of friends, Lizzie and Nick humored me and agreed to pick up some of the ingredients I asked for: wine and shrimp. For my part I got all of the other ingredients to make my masterpiece: an artist is only as good as the paint and canvas.  Of course such riches could not all be obtained in one place.


My first stop was Red Apron Butcher at Union Market. I suppose I could have made one stop at Eastern Market, but Red Apron has a reputation of being amazing since their days out at Dupont. Also I like to stop in and see how Union Market is coming along: splendidly if I must say so myself. But I digress. As I was saying; Red Apron Butcher is the place to be for all of you carnivorous needs: not only do they have a smorgasbord of different sausages, they are incredibly knowledgeable about their wares, explaining the differences between items like terrine and pate. I picked up a pound of Andouille sausage.



I wondered around for a bit, checking out the scene. I ended up picking up some eggs (I’m a sucker for free range, antibiotic free, happy eggs that freely sacrifice themselves for my morning omelet), mushrooms, and brussels sprouts. If you have not heard my diatribe about brussels sprouts, I won’t go into it here, but if you have memories of not liking them as a child I urge you to revisit the vegetable.



Next I made a trip to Eastern Market for the Pièce de résistance, the star of the whole dish: Black Squid Ink Pasta. The pasta counter at  Eastern Market reminds me of a circus with the colorful striped ravioli, the sauces, and the fresh pesto. It is perfection.


This was the last of my errands, other than a trip home to pick up the last of my homemade tomato sauce (I picked the tomatoes myself at Larriland Farms). I decided to skip the Lobster: way too much work and I had no idea how to prepare it. I had the same feelings about the addition of mussels and clams.

Once I got out to Baltimore the voodoo, hoojoo, magic began.  We started like I start every recipe, chopping the vegetables: onions, garlic, mushrooms, brussels sprouts, capers, and andouille sausage.  Lizzie chopped the garlic, while I worked on the onions and mushrooms. Once the tomato sauce was thawed all of that went into the pan together.


We seasoned the scallops with soy sauce, oldbay, salt, and pepper. Once we’d finished the garlic bread; we tossed the shrimp into the sauce to heat up (they were pre-cooked) and started to boil the pasta. Since it was fresh it only had to be in the water for a couple of minutes, which was lovely. The Scallops took mere seconds.



Once everything was cooked and together, we set the table and sat down for our feast. It wasn’t an exact recreation of the dish at Daily Catch, but it was an epic masterpiece in its own right. Lizzie had fresh parmesan available that she generously grated over our pasta. For the next 20 minutes conversation was suspended as we dove into our food. Given this silent ovation, I would have to say that the dish was a smashing success.



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