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Farmers, Fishers, & Bakers: A Buffet Worth it’s Weight in Cold


Usually, I avoid all you can eat brunch buffet’s that do not include alcohol like peasants avoiding villages during the black plague. Who would do something so cruel as to drag someone out of bed on Sunday morning with out the promise of fortified orange juice. But a compelling invitation from a dear friend found me traversing the city for what I have to admit was a buffet of epic proportions. I advise that amateurs wear loose pants.

Upon entering Farmers, Fishers, & Bakers, you are bombarded by the smells of spice and orange and clove emanating from the stove. It is a huge expanse of a space and on Sunday morning’s there is always the buzz of conversation.

The buffet itself is composed of various stations each one more splendiferous than the last. For me the highlight came at the beginning of the buffet; everything else paled in comparison. At the first stand a chef stood making bruleed grapefruit. Yes, you heard correctly, bruleed grapefruit.


For such a simple dish, it was by far the item I saw carried away from the buffet the most often. The chef, took half a grapefruit, dumped brown cane sugar on top, and then used a kitchen torch to melt the sugar. A crystallized crust of yumminess coated the grapefruit and seeped into the fruit: heaven.


At the next station there were delightful bouncy looking salads followed by a taco bar and a an omelet bar. Yep, an omelet bar. A chef would actually stand there and make an omelet to your exact specification. Needless to say that I got one, but I warn you, this is the bottleneck in the buffet line; some things just can’t be rushed.



They even had a station for fresh made guacamole. At this point, alcohol was the furthest thing from my mind, but for those who insist this spot has a wonderful bar of magnanimous proportions.

At the end of a very large buffet is the meat station, which had everything a carnivore could ever want: pulled pork, fried chicken, ham, pork belly masquerading as thick cut bacon. And as if all of this wasn’t enough, servers wandered around with plates of sushi (not half bad), fresh cinnamon rolls, and Eggs Benedict.  If you didn’t leave this establishment five pounds heavier, you didn’t do it right.




For the price point, Farmers, Fishers, & Bakers is one of the only brunch spots I can in good conscience recommend without alcohol being included. You can’t beat a 29.99 price tag with a stick. Believe me, I’ve tried.


2 thoughts on “Farmers, Fishers, & Bakers: A Buffet Worth it’s Weight in Cold

  1. Adding Farmers, Fishes and Bakers to my “must try” restaurant list for DC, with drawstring pants in tow! Can’t wait to try it!

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