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Moda Picnic: A day of Heroic Fun


There are perfect days to be had here. Days of bright sun and good friends, filled with laughter and enjoyed in safety. May 19th was one such day. We had a picnic. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been on a picnic, which means it had been far to long. We met on the rocks and everyone contributed a dish to share.

There are some essential ingredients for picnics:

First picnics require sunshine.  Dancing rays sparkling over serene bodies of water: simply mesmerizing. It is an essential element of any picnic: sunshine and skin that needs to be kissed by it.


Food is always essential. Our picnic was an eccentric smorgasbord made up of individual tastes. It was a conglomerate expression of individuals. There were the essentials of course: bread, chips, etc. And then things got interesting, flavors started seeping through from all over the world: pasta salad made with yogurt, kofte, guacamole, chickpea salsa / salad, and cherries. Some enterprising person took it upon herself to make cake and have ice-cream on hand to pair it with. There were smoked meats and cheeses and tasty fruits and baklava. The highlight of the meal for me were the painstakingly  made  deviled eggs, a staple at all eating events in the south. All in all, a feast meant for several kings. We spread our feast around the gazebo and snacked into the late evening hours.

deviled eggs



Alcohol (optional, but not really) – don’t get me wrong here. You don’t need alcohol, but you do need alcohol.  Free flowing wine made us take death-defying leaps on gigantic rocks, landing safely each time, and caused some of us to take dips in the water. We were happily befuddled heroes.


As much as I love food and atmosphere, the most important part of any picnic (any gather in general) is the people you’re with. At the end of the day good company is the best intoxicant. I have had marvelous times in the most rank hovels.  As the sun went down, we danced precariously on giant rocks to reggae music. We shared hugs, and kisses, and laughs, skipping lightly home licking wine stained lips. As I said, there are perfect days to be had here. This was one of many.

Moda Park - good times





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