The Food Pornographers Guide to the Galaxy

Not so long ago, in a universe not to far from home, Douglas Adams wrote a     novel entitled The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  The premise of the story  encapsulates the true spirit of the traveler by recording the experiences of Arthur Dent and his companions. The novel reveals a whimsical journey to the outer edges of space, dotted with poignantly philosophical anecdotes.

While the Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe is Adams’ most well known work, he  wrote several novels chronicling Arthur Dent’s encounters with people from different planets, strange cultures, advanced technology, and of course exotic foods. Adam’s also wrote The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, a novel that describes the plight of every traveler: the search for tasty tasty food. The story detailing our travelers’ journey reveals a philosophy that mirrors my own: the journey is just as important as the destination

The restaurant described in Adams’ novel is one in which patrons can watch the spectacularly inspiring  birth of the universe followed by it’s equally spectacular destruction. This amazing feat is topped by food that literally begs to be eaten, creating an amazing environment in which to eat in addition to food that cannot be ignored. The philosophy encapsulated in Adams’ novel mirrors my own: it is the journey not the destination, the company you keep rather than where you are, and the urge to travel rather than the places you end up that truly matter. It is a philosophy that insists on the intoxication of the senses and a reckless dive into the unknown.

As an homage to Adams’ works I’ve named my blog The Food Pornographers Guide to the Galaxy and Everything Else.  As the name implies, The Food Pornographers Guide will be dedicated to the pursuit of amazing experiences. It is not only intended to be a feast for the senses highlighted by people , places, and of course food. It is also a venue to pass along the story; a common thread that binds us.  Enjoy, and should I meet you in my journey feel free to share your own story.


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